What’s Next for England after the Brexit Vote?

What’s Next for England after the Brexit Vote?

london englandAstrology is a great predictor of events and it was clear from the chart of England (1066) that the country and people were fed up and wanted out. Even though there was contentious and persuasive arguments to stay in the European Union. Much of the reasoning was based upon fear of financial and economic woes that the politicians and business leaders were concerned over. The other key persuasion was to appeal to the human rights need and the obligation of duties. Still what happened was the stunning and unexpected (from the establishment side) vote to exit the EU. Both sides were using fear, to leave the EU was playing on the fear of security of keeping the borders open and the obligation that would require England to accept their share of refugees. The key to predicting mundane events with astrology is to examine all of the charts that are in question with the chart of the upcoming event.


As with many old countries England has more than one astrology chart to consider. The first is from the coronation of William 1st at Westminster Abby on December 25th 1066. The second is the United Kingdom’s chart of 1801. On 1 November 1993, under the third Delors Commission, the Maastricht Treaty became effective, creating the European Union. The chart of the European Union is pivotal in this discussion as to whether or not the UK would vote to stay or leave as well as the ramification of such vote. And finally the chart of the tally of the vote and official announcement (June 24 2016 7:22 am).



Mundane Astrology European Union

There is a very clear signature in the EU chart that this would be a year of internal fighting within and a major adjustment to changes. This is seen with the Mars retrograde of 2016 stationing at 23 degrees of Scorpio conjunct the natal Mars Pluto conjunction opposite Moon in Taurus and square Saturn in Aquarius. This signature aspect by itself doesn’t indicate that England would leave, it shows the trouble within. Add to that mix is Uranus at 23 degrees Aries setting off the natal fixed square of Mars, Pluto, Moon and Saturn demanding adjustments. This transit will continue for one and a half years as the retrograde motion continues to rock the fixed T-square. This transit is pointing towards the exit but not definitive.



To have a definitive answer looking at the charts of England is necessary. Once again we see the Mars station at 23 degrees of Scorpio in play with the 1801 chart to the planet Saturn at 23 degrees of Leo. Powerful and strong arguments with authority are the symbolic meaning here. This is coming after a two year transit of Uranus square the Moon, representing the people of the country. They have been emotionally exhausted with unexpected changes that can rattle security issues of feeling safe, protected and being taken care of.

In the chart of England, stationing Mars in the voting chart at 23 degrees of Scorpio is once again active. This time with the Neptune in the natal chart of England. Mars Neptune is indicating the uncertainty of the action at the same time the willingness to charge ahead even if the way forward is obscured. Neptune transiting the progressed Mercury is another indication that the financial outcome is unknown and could drain the financial resources of the country. (Mercury rules the second house of finances.) Along with Pluto conjuncting the natal Mercury, demanding change and transformation of finances it is indicating a separation with the EU and their financial demands.

Mercury is also symbolic of younger people and trade. As for younger people, having both a Pluto and Neptune transit is worrisome that the younger people are disillusion, susceptible to drugs and alcohol and in dire need of new direction. The younger generation had a higher turnout to stay in the EU, the transits of Pluto and Neptune symbolize the defeat.

England has been called the mercantile country since the times of Napoleon. Mercury is also the symbol for trade. Pluto and Neptune transit are again suggesting the vote to leave the EU as the impact will be on trade with the countries. Indeed the renegotiations will take place during the next Pluto conjunct Mercury, and the Neptune to progressed Mercury is symbolizing the dissolution of trade deals.

It is obvious once you analyze the charts that the prediction of the exit from the EU was bound to happen. There is more change seen from the charts, such as the continued uncertainty over trade, the need to address the concerns of the younger population. Another troubling indication is in the progressed sun of the 1801 chart which is applying to the node of Neptune, deception and obscurity. The progressed sun of the 1066 chart passed over the node of Neptune in 2014. This can indicate deceit and corruption in the government and it appears that it will continue into 2017. It also can indicate the dissolution of the UK in some aspect. Scotland may succeed, but we will leave that to another discussion.