Astrology Predictions for the USA in 2017

2017 and the USA Astrology Predictions

Sometimes when an astrologer looks at a chart one wonders where to begin when there are so many different challenges the chart is showing. So it is with the USA chart (Sibley) and what is happening in 2017. Therefore as with an individual’s chart when this happens one just dives in step by step discussing the important factors. An astrology reading for individuals the astrologer looks at the basics, finances, relationships, work, health, family, and overall well-being. For a country the basics also include the financial state of the nation, the relationships with others, war or peace, the strength of the economy, health, the family inter relationships in a country is how well is everyone getting along. The people in the chart of the nation are seen by the moon, the leader is represented by the sun. Mercury is communication and trade, Venus is diplomacy, Mars is military leaders, Jupiter is the courts, Saturn is the elderly and law enforcement, Uranus is technology, Neptune is socialized programs, drug advancement or problems and Pluto is terrorism, underground drug lords, and the power of the masses. Continued heroin problems are marked for 2017, the potential of drug addiction is seen in the astrology chart for many young adults born with strong outer planets in Capricorn and Scorpio.

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Astrology Predictions for 2017

The chart of the inauguration on January 20th 2017 reveals much of what will unfold within the USA borders in 2017. Traditionally there are the solstice and equinox charts along with the eclipse charts that astrologers use in mundane predictions. However since the USA elects a new president every 4 years, the inauguration chart will indicate the trials and tribulations for the initial year of the new president.

The primary concerns will be a Neptune influence, a Saturn influence along with Uranus and Pluto. When an individual has transits with the four outer planets all in the same year it signifies and time of life altering change. For a country, depending upon the natural strength of the country and the planets that the transits are aspecting it too signifies a year of significant changes. In 2014 and 2015 the USA went through a Pluto transit to its Sun, (Pluto opposite Sun) which would indicate a power struggle for the leader of the country. Indeed President Obama came up against opposition in attempting to pass legislation. It also represents that the country itself would undergo a psychological introspection period brought upon it through outside forces. Issues of police brutality disproportion against African Americans, xenophobia and immigration all were part of the Pluto transit bringing to the surface buried prejudice to be dealt with.

Saturn is opposite the natal Mars of the USA chart and square the natal Neptune creating a mutable T-square. Accountability in the military will be at its all-time high. There will be restrictions in some military measures, whether it is in funding or an increase in retirement in the forces. The USA military in Gemini shows a dominance in air and intelligence. As Mars is square Neptune in the USA chart the Navy is second to the strength of military intelligence factor and the Air force. The progressed Mars is in Libra will be undergoing a transit of Pluto square. This is a fighting signature, the USA will be armed for war. Since Mars rules the fourth house of the USA chart, fighting at home between different factions is to be expected. Heaven forbid, but it also indicates an attack on USA soil. Most likely from the lone wolfs.

Uranus transits are rattling Pluto, progressed Venus, and natal Chiron. Uranus to Pluto is shaking up the underworld, a different approach and direction will be taken in dealing with criminals that destroy the fabric of society. Such as mafia supplying heroin and other life destroying drugs, and those trafficking in sex slaves. Pluto represents the underground, and Uranus is promising to bring change.

A continuing troubling transit is Neptune to the progressed Sun of the USA. This first came into orb in June of 2015, giving a little hint, then and in exact conjunction June of 2016. Neptune to the Sun of the chart of a country is deception from leadership. Whatever really was going on behind the scenes with the Clinton email is hidden. However there would be much more that is staying hidden that represents being deceived that the population will not know about until the transit is over. The fog won’t lift until 2019. During 2017 there will be plenty of behind the scenes manipulation. The lies and broken promises from the leaders will be apparent in 2019.

So what is positive for 2017? Well there is good news from Jupiter. Jupiter will be in the USA 10th house expanding the image of the USA and possibly the production in economic matters. Jupiter will be conjunct the USA natal Saturn in the springtime, this is a new cycle of economic growth opportunity. It also can expand the role of government. In this same time frame, Venus will be retrograde in Aries opposite Saturn, budget cuts in some areas are shown. It also can indicate some troubling news with certain economic indicators.  As the progressed Venus is squaring the Natal Pluto in the USA chart a boom or bust time shows up. Venus is ruling the 6th house of workers, and health. The health insurance cost to the government can be a news issue at this time.

How can you use this information for your life? One, don’t be fooled, whatever the media is reporting that the government is saying or doing, there is plenty, (more than usual) they are not telling you. Also become conscious of the possibility that there is a mass hypnosis going on of the people of the US. They are under the persuasive power of words that while they seem promising, it is smoke and mirrors.

The healing of the rift in American continues, do your inner work to release fear and negativity of not enough, or being left out. (Uranus Eris conjunction) The economy appears to stay strong however be ready for a month or two of wild swings as Venus retrograde connects with Saturn in the spring months. Real estate continues to increase in value especially in the spring months but may fall back late summer as Saturn aspects Mars, the ruler of the forth house. Even though there are challenging times ahead for the USA, the overall strength of the nation continues to make its mark through its core strength, the ability for innovation and unbridled confidence and optimism that no matter what happens landing on ones feet head high is guaranteed.


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