Astrology Prediction for Trump Clinton Election

Clinton versus Trump- Who Will Win the Election?


This is a how to in analyzing astrology charts in order to predict a winner in a political election.

We will examine the chart of Hillary Clinton and the chart of Donald Trump against the date of the election and the inauguration day. In order to accurately predict an election there are several components that one must examine, namely the natal chart and the strength within. There is a well-worn statement that says, “nothing will happen unless it is promised in the natal chart’. Does the natal chart show the potential of being a leader of a nation? Second it is imperative to progress the charts, both secondary progression and solar arc progression to the date of the election. And third to examine the charts of the electoral day and inauguration day to the natal and progressed charts.

Suffice to say that both Hillary and Trump have strong charts for different reasons. An in-depth interpretation of their individual charts is beyond the scope of the post. In brief Hilary, (8:02am chart, or 8:02pm there is debate which is correct time) shows a dogged determination of never giving up and advancing her career through sheer will power and negotiations. Trump on the other hand has a chart that is luckier in some respects. That through constant change he moves away from failure to seek areas of success. The ability to talk his way in or out of a situation has been a blessing and a curse.

Who will win the USA Election Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

In analyzing the dates, you are basically looking for who will have the better transits. Or said another way, which candidate appears to be happier or that they are getting something that they want. Sometimes you might have a very clear cut and dry case, but usually there is a mixed bag and you will have to use your best judgment of how those transits are manifesting in the charts of the candidates. For example, when Obama was first elected it showed he had an edge to win, however there was a clear transit of Pluto to his Venus, which is letting go of something of value to you. One must weigh and balance all transits, the positive and negative, then come to your conclusion. In the case of Obama, his grandmother died shortly before he won the election.

The chart of Donald Trump has his progressed Moon applying to his natal Saturn on the heliocentric node of Saturn, this is not a happy signature but one must dig deeper before jumping to conclusions. His progressed Sun moved into Virgo in August past the 29 degree Leo ascendant conjunct Regulus a fixed star denoting fame and fortune, (but also can fall as fast as rise). Pluto is squaring his progressed Venus, signifying letting go or losing something he cares about, again one must not jump to conclusions as Obama had that same transit when he was elected. Transiting Mars is opposite his progressed Midheaven, energizing his career, and or starting anew at home. Mars is the fighting planet, expect strong words the following day of the election.

Let’s now look at the inauguration day chart. There is a Jupiter return to his progressed Jupiter which is at a fixed star Spica, a star of good luck and fortune. Jupiter is trine his sun, a positive influence of moving forward. Saturn however is just passed the opposition to his Sun and Moon, a huge rethink of planning and preparing for the future. This also indicates a time of health concerns, the exactitude was the previous month and recuperating from a grueling campaign schedule would be indicated along with consideration and planning ahead. Progressed moon is conjunct his Venus, a positive aspect of being content and pleased. The inauguration day is overall positive.

The chart of Hillary Clinton on the day of the election indicates that she will be getting something that she has been hoping for or wanting. It is a Jupiter to her progressed Sun and progressed Mercury, ruler of her 10th house in the 8:02am chart. Unless Trump has better transits, this indicator alone would put Hilary as the winner. Saturn is conjunct her progress Jupiter, ruler of and in her second house of finances indicating the financial cost of her campaign. This represents a new cycle around her financial responsibilities and most likely the beginning of paying back the promises she made in exchange for financial funding. Jupiter also rules her 4th house of home, with Saturn conjunct that ruler, changing residences is indicated.

So far so good for her, but what about inauguration day, are the transits of the election day positive because underneath she is relieved and secretly is OK with losing? Inauguration chart has transiting Saturn square her moon, this is a negative transit that can indicate not being happy, and problems with woman or her health. One really would not want to see this for an inauguration chart although the aspect is separating. The previous month it was exact and most likely she would be recuperating her health as she is preparing for the future. One key feature is the transiting north node is conjunct her mid-heaven, a realignment of your purposeful direction in career.


In analyzing both charts, the positive and the negatives one must then make a judgment call on which candidate has the stronger transits that support winning. My analysis leads to Clinton even though the aspects for Trump are very positive for the inauguration, I deem he is over his loss and has moved on and planning a new business venture. Whereas Clintons chart has more positive aspects for the day of the election the seriousness of the road ahead is shown in the transits to her chart on inaugural day.

However, and this is a big if event. If there is a recall for the ballots, then there is the good chance that Trump will win as the date of the inauguration is in his favor.