back to schoolThis blog is all about world astrology and mundane events. This is not new, for thousands of years, humans have looked to the heavens seeking keys to our future. Beginning with the Chaldeans in Babylon four thousand years B.C.E  the astronomers were astrologers. The ancient astronomers sought out patterns in the sky to predict times of war or peace, abundance and prosperity or famine, and even time of treachery or death. The Greeks picked up were the Babylonians left off and expanded the system of astrology. The teachings continued and traveled to the Romans which was then popularized and spread through the Roman Empire.

People today are just as interested in how current events will impact the future. Astrologers are in a position to glimpse into the future for help and reassurance.


Here are some links for your reference and to learn more about Mundane astrology



To further your astrological knowledge join a local astrology group.

There are several international astrology organizations that sponsor conferences where you can meet and share thoughts and ideas with other astrologers.