Astrology Predictions for the USA in 2017

2017 and the USA Astrology Predictions

Sometimes when an astrologer looks at a chart one wonders where to begin when there are so many different challenges the chart is showing. So it is with the USA chart (Sibley) and what is happening in 2017. Therefore as with an individual’s chart when this happens one just dives in step by step discussing the important factors. An astrology reading for individuals the astrologer looks at the basics, finances, relationships, work, health, family, and overall well-being. For a country the basics also include the financial state of the nation, the relationships with others, war or peace, the strength of the economy, health, the family inter relationships in a country is how well is everyone getting along. The people in the chart of the nation are seen by the moon, the leader is represented by the sun. Mercury is communication and trade, Venus is diplomacy, Mars is military leaders, Jupiter is the courts, Saturn is the elderly and law enforcement, Uranus is technology, Neptune is socialized programs, drug advancement or problems and Pluto is terrorism, underground drug lords, and the power of the masses. Continued heroin problems are marked for 2017, the potential of drug addiction is seen in the astrology chart for many young adults born with strong outer planets in Capricorn and Scorpio. myth turtle world Astrology Predictions for 2017 The chart of the inauguration on January 20th 2017 reveals much of what will unfold within the USA borders in 2017. Traditionally there are the solstice and equinox charts along with the eclipse charts that astrologers use in mundane predictions. However since the USA elects a new president every 4 years, the inauguration chart will indicate the trials and tribulations for the initial year of the new president.   The primary concerns will be a Neptune influence, a Saturn influence along with Uranus and Pluto. When an individual has transits with the four outer planets all in the same year it signifies and time of life altering change. For a country, depending upon the natural strength of the country and the planets that the transits are aspecting it too signifies a year of significant changes. In 2014 and 2015 the USA went through a Pluto transit to its Sun, (Pluto opposite Sun) which would indicate a power struggle for the leader of the country. Indeed President Obama came up against opposition in attempting to pass legislation. It also represents that the country itself would undergo a psychological introspection period brought upon it through outside forces. Issues of police brutality disproportion against African Americans, xenophobia and immigration all were part of the Pluto transit bringing to the surface buried prejudice to be dealt with. Saturn is… continue here Read more

Astrology Prediction for Trump Clinton Election

Clinton versus Trump- Who Will Win the Election?   This is a how to in analyzing astrology charts in order to predict a winner in a political election. We will examine the chart of Hillary Clinton and the chart of Donald Trump against the date of the election and the inauguration day. In order to accurately predict an election there are several components that one must examine, namely the natal chart and the strength within. There is a well-worn statement that says, “nothing will happen unless it is promised in the natal chart’. Does the natal chart show the potential of being a leader of a nation? Second it is imperative to progress the charts, both secondary progression and solar arc progression to the date of the election. And third to examine the charts of the electoral day and inauguration day to the natal and progressed charts. Suffice to say that both Hillary and Trump have strong charts for different reasons. An in-depth interpretation of their individual charts is beyond the scope of the post. In brief Hilary, (8:02am chart, or 8:02pm there is debate which is correct time) shows a dogged determination of never giving up and advancing her career through sheer will power and negotiations. Trump on the other hand has a chart that is luckier in some respects. That through constant change he moves away from failure to seek areas of success. The ability to talk his way in or out of a situation has been a blessing and a curse.

Who will win the USA Election Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

In analyzing the dates, you are basically looking for who will have the better transits. Or said another way, which candidate appears to be happier or that they are getting something that they want. Sometimes you might have a very clear cut and dry case, but usually there is a mixed bag and you will have to use your best judgment of how those transits are manifesting in the charts of the candidates. For example, when Obama was first elected it showed he had an edge to win, however there was a clear transit of Pluto to his Venus, which is letting go of something of value to you. One must weigh and balance all transits, the positive and negative, then come to your conclusion. In the case of Obama, his grandmother died shortly before he won the election. The chart of Donald Trump has his progressed Moon applying to his natal Saturn on the heliocentric node of Saturn, this is not a happy signature but one must dig deeper before jumping to conclusions. His progressed Sun moved into Virgo in August past the 29… continue here Read more

What’s Next for England after the Brexit Vote?

What’s Next for England after the Brexit Vote? london englandAstrology is a great predictor of events and it was clear from the chart of England (1066) that the country and people were fed up and wanted out. Even though there was contentious and persuasive arguments to stay in the European Union. Much of the reasoning was based upon fear of financial and economic woes that the politicians and business leaders were concerned over. The other key persuasion was to appeal to the human rights need and the obligation of duties. Still what happened was the stunning and unexpected (from the establishment side) vote to exit the EU. Both sides were using fear, to leave the EU was playing on the fear of security of keeping the borders open and the obligation that would require England to accept their share of refugees. The key to predicting mundane events with astrology is to examine all of the charts that are in question with the chart of the upcoming event.   As with many old countries England has more than one astrology chart to consider. The first is from the coronation of William 1st at Westminster Abby on December 25th 1066. The second is the United Kingdom’s chart of 1801. On 1 November 1993, under the third Delors Commission, the Maastricht Treaty became effective, creating the European Union. The chart of the European Union is pivotal in this discussion as to whether or not the UK would vote to stay or leave as well as the ramification of such vote. And finally the chart of the tally of the vote and official announcement (June 24 2016 7:22 am). England   Mundane Astrology European Union There is a very clear signature in the EU chart that this would be a year of internal fighting within and a major adjustment to changes. This is seen with the Mars retrograde of 2016 stationing at 23 degrees of Scorpio conjunct the natal Mars Pluto conjunction opposite Moon in Taurus and square Saturn in Aquarius. This signature aspect by itself doesn’t indicate that England would leave, it shows the trouble within. Add to that mix is Uranus at 23 degrees Aries setting off the natal fixed square of Mars, Pluto, Moon and Saturn demanding adjustments. This transit will continue for one and a half years as the retrograde motion continues to rock the fixed T-square. This transit is pointing towards the exit but not definitive. EUChart   To have a definitive answer looking at the charts of England is necessary. Once again we see the Mars station at 23 degrees of Scorpio in play with the 1801 chart to the planet Saturn at 23 degrees of Leo. Powerful and strong arguments… continue here Read more